Rodrigo Chamizo
Project Year Tag
A Study on Hooks 2018 - ongoing Visual catalogue
S I S T E M A S 2013 - ongoing Systems
Mirror Tile 2024 Unobtrusive design
Bad Objects 2020 - paused Unobtrusive design
Sistema Cups 2018 Production process
Jack´s Chairs 2015 Function vs. Use
Crudo Chair 2013 Production process
Flower Trivets 2013 Production process
Untitled Trunks 2012 False utility
Concrete Bookends 2012 Production process
Cork Doorstop 2012 Production process
MU Bean Bag 2011 Bad jokes
Tire Spikes 2011 Hostile architecture
Infinite Soap Bar 2010 Zero waste
Graduated in Product Design at EINA, School of Design and Arts, Barcelona.
I live and work in Mexico City.